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Houses to rent in Barcelona

So you want to rent a house in Barcelona? You have found the best solution! When we founded the company, we aimed to create an intelligent search service which will help you find your house in Spain. Our unique approach offers a highly specific, tailored solution for each request. Easily sort houses by Barcelona district, budget, number of bedrooms, furniture, cooking utensils, and many other convenient features, even those such as car park availability and surrounding shops. And that’s not all – our intelligent virtual 3D guide will easily take you through each property and show you the full beauty of our houses in Barcelona. We will pick the best house based on your desires.

Barcelona is a town from Gaudi to Messi, a town of towering architecture and towers built by people who visit the sea and collect groceries. The to-do list in Barcelona is as rich and varied as its sunny days. This is a town that combines medieval buildings with opportunities to buy the latest sunglasses. So is it really a great idea to rent a house at the seaside, in the centre or in the countryside? Of course it is!

Our large team has combined all the latest technical innovations and unique algorithms to enable you to find the most suitable house that meets all your requirements!

We aim to ensure the happiness of our clients by matching them with their needs consistently. We aim to offer a clear view of the value of the property so everyone knows where the best places are for a great time.

We’ve introduced lots of amenities you can select during your search for a house to rent, such as the presence of a balcony, storage room, heating system, air conditioning, lift, wheelchair access, communal area, alarm system, private garden, large terrace and swimming pool!

To help you make your choice, you can also select your house’s current state of renovation: brand new, nearly new, in good repair, for renovation or in need of restoration. You will also find it useful to be able to include requests for details, such as the presence of furniture, kitchen appliances and other amenities.

For a complete experience you can also select houses with microwaves, dryers, extractor fans and washing machines. There is the option to choose between a gas, electric or induction cooker, and we can help you find a house where it’s possible to park one, two, three or even four cars.

In terms of location, our service provides a wide range of options, and you can choose properties in the north, west, south or east districts of Barcelona.

Now let’s move on to our main new development – an extremely convenient and realistic 3D guide! Just imagine – you immerse yourself in a world of virtual reality and you can look at any house in the world without leaving your home. Everything is very simple – you choose the house that interests you and tour it straightaway. Wow!

We aim to gain our clients trust by ensuring consistently positive experiences - not just for one user but thousands every day.This is the core value of our business and we do everything we can to ensure each user finds the best option for them and remains happy with their choice. We look to offer the widest range of prices to match with the ideal user, from cheap to luxurious in all of Barcelona and Spain..Our huge team of specialists is behind all of our achievements, and we all work together to ensure that you and your family live in the very best home.