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Virtual Tours and TaaS (TOURS-AS-A-SERVICE) - Better than a regular Ad

While our virtual tours offer a complete experience that includes 3D models, 2D floor plans, interactive areas and live calls, it’s TaaS (Tours As a Service) that makes the service uniquely frictionless for agencies. This new service geared towards you and pioneered in Spain by Truhoo looks to reduce quality property advertising friction and enable the best use of time for agencies. With one click, an agency can send the request to convert a property into a Virtual tour. Simple.

One of our team members will schedule a time and personally go to the property and in 20 minutes (on average) capture the entire property. After the onsite we add additional pictures to the tours in the form of interactive areas that enable the user to see the size and layout of wardrobes, fridge or even the type of property. 3D floor plans and measurements are also added to enable the property seeker to have the most realistic look into their potential future home. All our TaaS have live call and group call features permitting agents to go to the property physically only for leads that have already gone through a virtual tour to reduce the length of the sales cycle. No more wasting time.

Virtual Tours and TaaS
Search and Places of Interest
Search and Places of Interest - Smarter than regular ads

To date, the search process in most portals has been geared towards getting property seekers to click on the top of the page. In doing so it forces agencies to pay to be at the top of the page in order to get leads for their properties. The goal here being if enough people click on this property eventually someone will take it. At Truhoo, we don’t play favourites. The properties that best match the search needs, will be shown first. This avoids wasted time for the agent showing someone a house they will never buy/ rent and a bad experience for the property seeker that did not find the home that matches their needs and wants.

At Truhoo we believe that the future of our real estate industry lies in empowering people to make better decisions about their homes. Like in most purchases, the access to the internet enables people to research and compare options before they engage in a sales perspective. At Truhoo we want to facilitate this, to ensure a contact request that is already on the sales cycle having already narrowed down the scope of properties of interest. Be it to rent or sell.

This enables us to match the right user, to the right property and agent at the right time.


Tru-Data provides the first and only intelligent leads in the market today. This innovation came about for agencies to tailor their service to every individual they interact with. It works by highlighting how “hot” or “cold” a lead is to help the agent prioritise the right people at the right time. It takes it a step further by giving the agent a clear understanding of the specifications of potential clients from budget to neighbourhoods of interest and any other external factors that are part of their requirements.

While it enables the agent to have a clear understanding of the client’s needs, it also provides them with the knowledge of whether or not they can fulfill said needs. This is important because it allows the agent to be able to communicate clearly so as to not waste either parties valuable time.

The leads are designed to shorten sales cycles while maximising the agents use of time. We want to help agents provide consistently positive experiences - always.