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080 Real Estate214 properties
Detached house in Pedralbes, Barcelona for Sale
76788 M2
€6,916/ M2
JC Architect30 properties
Detached house in Sarrià, Barcelona for Sale
54283 M2
€5,830/ M2
080 Real Estate214 properties
Detached house in el Putget i Farró, Barcelona for Sale
43220 M2
€3,455/ M2

Houses for sale in Barcelona, Spain

The service we provide,, is a technically advanced search platform to enable you to find a house anywhere in Spain. Our modern virtual tours will help you carry out a virtual visit of your property of interest, during which you can personally walk through its entire area. If you want to buy a property in Barcelona, try our intelligent property search. First, choose the region, then define the number of bedrooms and bathrooms and select the desired area of the house and cost per square metre, and you are good to go. Our algorithm will provide you with the best offers that meet your expectations and budget. Our wide property database will help you find a house for yourself and select an excellent investment opportunity property.

Barcelona is one of the most popular destinations for both experienced travellers and those who visit Spain for the first time. Some even say this is their favourite city in the world, and given how beautiful this city is, it’s easy to understand why. And what makes the city even more wonderful is your own home in this fantastic centre of culture and romance.

To enhance our ability to assist you with buying a house in Barcelona, we have created our intelligent Truhoo service. After thousands of negative experiences with existing property advertising boards and databases, our team of experts has created our own solution for the real estate market.

We utilised individual 3D visual technology for each object, and now you can easily choose the property you require and look inside from any location in the world. You can look at each room and feel the atmosphere of the house in just a few clicks – this is all due to the many technological solutions our team has diligently developed and implemented.

Our newest algorithm for home selection deserves its own mention. We have optimised this to address each question and fulfil every requirement of our clients. In addition, we have added a wide range of facilities you can select during your search for a property: a balcony, a storage room, a heating system, air conditioning, a lift, wheelchair access, a communal area, an alarm system, a garden, a terrace, a swimming pool and even a doorman! We will also help you select the current state of renovation for your flat: brand new, nearly new, in good repair, for renovation, or in need of restoration.

For even greater convenience, you can specifically select homes with those all-important details: microwaves, dryers, extractor fans and washing machines. You can even choose among a gas, electric or induction cooker for food preparation.

We have maximally simplified the search for customers who need a particular location; the service enables you to choose from the northern, western, southern or eastern districts of Barcelona. It will just take you a few seconds to find the best option out of all those available.

If you are an investor searching for an appropriate investment, our service will pleasantly surprise you with the most informative offers on the market, you will be unable to find such opportunities anywhere else! We do our best to have the optimal price range for every request. Also, we believe that in time our solution will create the largest selection of properties in Barcelona, which will be able to accommodate every request.

We trust our clients, and thousands of people throughout Spain have similarly placed their trust in us. We base the development of our service on this key value. Our team automatically verifies all estate agencies that we work with. Don’t let your dream get away – find it with!