Or hasn’t this happened to you?

You have to move.

You’re in a nail-biting frenzy because your lease is about to expire.
You need to find a new home. So much work and time involved.

You could be with friends or family, instead you’re looking through catalogues of property photos.

Some really ugly ones…
It’s desperation that has you thinking you can live there… but you need a home! This might do? I’m not sure…

Or hasn’t this happened to you?

Hi, I’m Sergio.
CEO & Founder of Truhoo

When I moved to Barcelona, this is exactly what happened to me:
With a lot of patience, I attempted to find my new home.
I eventually found 3 ads that fit the bill - my budget, my chosen neighbourhood, and some of my requirements.

I make the call.
The agents act like they’re doing me the favour. They are not convinced in my own interest? I insist, eventually they oblige.

CEO & Founder of Truhoo

But see… I get it. How many people view properties without any intention of renting/purchasing?
I empathise, it must feel like a waste of time and energy.

I take a day off work… the result? Nothing tangible. No home just yet.

The first property? Shocking!
Nothing like the photos… also what was that smell?!

The second? A waste of a trip.
The agent never even showed up.

The third? Well…
An uninhabited area, industrial warehouses around - no bars, coffee shops, restaurants or human life to be found!


How many people go through this?
Wasting your precious time searching when you could be with loved ones.

Why can I see a house in Portugal using Google Street, but to view a property 15 minutes from me, I have to physically attend?

Does the neighbourhood matter?
Do you feel the same about living above bars and clubs as you would waking up to the sound of the ocean?

Does the neighbourhood matter?

If you’re looking for a new home, we want...

Less time until you find the right property.

Only view properties that are within your budget, and fulfil your needs and preferences
Thanks to our choice of filters and categories, and that targeted ads can’t be purchased.

No scams
We only agree to work with agencies that have been personally verified by us. That are real, honest and trustworthy.
Giving you more control, encouraging you to contact us if you are inconvenienced or there are abu.

Only visit the property you intend to purchase/rent
Using our 100% virtual visit + video call function with the agent, you can choose before you even get off the sofa.
Now, visiting a property is only to confirm your choice.

If you’re looking for a new home, we want...

Now you can enjoy the process

  • Because now it’s easier, more streamlined, with less trash.
  • We help you visualise your neighbourhood… the walk to the office, the drive to your children’s school.
  • We reduce the friction in the search process. We take it from exhausting and tedious, to exciting and innovative.
Now you can enjoy the process

If you’re an agency or a real estate agent offering your products…

You now have time to connect with your clients.
  • We’ve automated the way you add information to your ads.
  • We serve on a silver platter ALL the information you can possibly require to categorise your clients.
  • We limit the unnecessary in-person visits to the property.
You’ll know in advance, which users are potential clients.
  • You’ll know in advance if you can assist a client with their request or not -
    Thanks to our SMART LEADS, you can better understand their needs, and if you can help, you can better organise their visits.
  • You save money, since your overall costs are reduced.
    By filtering relevant users, we help you convert the visits into sales/rentals.
We help you create a TRUSTWORTHY BRAND.
  • Because your ads will be better. We have the highest quality standards for ads.
    Our priority is to improve the search process. Make it a win-win for yourself, and your clients.
    With better ads, those who search can locate their options easier. Those who post it, enable a better understanding of their offer.
  • Along with your high-quality ad, we also add your company logo.
    FOR FREE. The others charge. Not us! We don’t think it’s fair - we think you deserve the credit for your hard-work.
  • Only agencies personally verified by us.
    Because we’re cleaning the market, ridding it of the scammers and the fraudsters - cleaning up the bad ‘rep.
    We want to make sure that by being part of our network, you only have advantages.

So how does Truhoo work?

If you’re a user searching...

Create a free account

You can save your searches, contact agents, use our filters to help define your results based on your needs and preferences.

Search which neighbourhoods may peak your interest

What surrounds your new home? You can have an idea of what your neighborhood has to offer when you pick a property. We know something trendy and noisy, definitely isn’t the same as something residential and quiet.

If you’re a user searching...

Have a virtual tour along with your family

Visit the property you’ve chosen and have a virtual call with your agent to find the details of what you’re looking for.

Calculate the distances and figure out travel time

The final info to help you decide! You can calculate the trajectory from your new home, to the children’s school, to the nearest plaza, hospital, without ever leaving Truhoo.
We want you to know exactly where you’re moving to.

Have a virtual tour along with your family

If you’re an agency or a real estate agent…

Create a free account for 60 days

Yes, we said 60 whole days. No charges, no commitment. We want you to take advantage of our platform.

You can include Virtual Tours in your ads. Up to a maximum of 3 ads. If you purchase an account, they’re unlimited.

You will have access to our pioneering Smart Leads service to see what prospecting is really like, when made easy.

If you’re an agency or a real estate agent…

Upload your properties onto the portal

We increase the quality of your ads. Wait, did we say increase?
We magnify. In your ads we also add supplementary information about the neighborhood, places of interest in the vicinity, the energy efficiency rating, to name a few!

Our objective is clear as ice:

  • Help reduce the sales cycle.
  • Increase the return in your investment.
  • Remove the traditional friction associated with searching for properties.

It's that simple. Demo the product, then pick.

Upload your properties onto the portal