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The future of our real estate industry lies in empowering people to make better decisions about their homes. That's why Truhoo is leveraging technologies like virtual tours and redefining the search process to encompass a new level of tailoring through data that enables users to find the property (for sale or rent) and neighbourhood that suits their lives.

We look to champion the industry into a new age of personalised service by providing the tools that drive trust, efficiency and satisfaction. Bringing the right user and real estate agent/advertiser together at the right time. It’s as simple - and as exceptional - as that. We make a difference by ensuring that expectations are met, every time.

Over the course of the last decade, more than ever, data has changed the way the world works. It has enabled us to offer wonderful new ways to customize the services to the individual user and made it easier for people to find, purchase or learn more about what they enjoy most. However, this shall be accompanied by compliance with data protection regulations. That's why Truhoo is committed to being open and transparent about how we use data. Below you will see the why, what, how and who of our uses of Data.

Please note, the below is written to be short and easily digestible while offering a transparent grasp of how we use data, for more comprehensive and detailed information please check our Privacy policy.

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Firstly why, why do we collect data? Well it’s simple, data becomes information and information is what we use to provide the best service. At Truhoo we use this data to find out how the real estate market is, what features are most used, what features we should develop next and/or how we can make the service more frictionless.
More than anything else, using data allows us to tailor the service to individual needs while offering agencies a better understanding of said needs so the best offering can be made in the shortest time. We want to make the process of purchasing or renting a new home, the best possible.



In general, and without getting too technical, what do we have in mind when processing data?:

  1. The User

    What they need to find properties and what's important to them.

  2. The Agent and Agencies

    What they need to provide a speedy and quality service.

  3. The Market

    How its behaving, issues it's facing and how we can best help users and agencies meet the demand we identify.


In addition, Truhoo also processes information about its applications, that comes in the following forms:

  1. Application Performance

    the response time of the application, the number of errors it generates, database issues etc…

  2. User Satisfaction

    are users enjoying the application and having a positive user experience

  3. Traffic Analysis

    website traffic analysis that provides real-time statistics and analysis of user interaction with the website



As a user searches for a home, we process information about such search.

Data such as:
Filters used
Areas that properties where searched for
Number of properties contacted
User pricing options
Places the user values around the property
Characteristics of properties selected

The above is to give you an idea. We process data on every filter we have to try and understand why and how that brings value to a user. We aggregate this information to have complete views of the market that let us understand for example, what properties are most in demand, how people's needs are changing and much more.



As a rule, we only share your data with the advertiser or advertisers for whose properties you have shown an interest in. Our Tru-Data leads, in those cases where you consent to it, allow us to share with the agents information for a personalised service.

We would then share:
The property you contact them about and message you sent
The types of property you are looking for
The areas of interest
The places around the property that bring value to the user
Most used property filters
Characteristics of the property you have shown interest in
How active or passively a user is in his search
The time it takes to a relevant place of importance to the user (no address or names are shared, only the time)

This data is shared with the agent exclusively so that they can offer you other properties and optimize the service to be rendered to you and is not permitted to be used for anything further.