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Search and Places of Interest - The Most Complete Property Search in Spain

At Truhoo we know that you stay at home but live in your neighbourhood. That's why we take great pride in bringing to you the most complete Search currently to exist in Spain.

We know the perfect home is subjective, that's why we created a filtering system that enables people to tailor the search process to their every need. For example, for those who prioritise environmental factors and accessibility, you will be able to search for properties based on the energy efficiency of a home. Or if you prefer, by wheelchair access.

Searching for a home is not as simple as finding the right internal amenities, be it a terrace or having a porter. It also greatly involves what's outside your home. That's why we give users the option to search for properties not just based on individual characteristics but also on those of your neighbourhood. Wouldn’t you like to search for a home based on how close it is to the right school for your child? How about the right park for exercising with your dog? We understand everyone's needs outside of the home differ, that's why we have major categories such as Healthcare, Leisure and Activities, Places of Worship and Transportation. This will help you find the perfect accommodation in the right location for your ideal life.

Search and Places of Interest

Virtual Tours

Since the arrival of real estate portals, the main way of visualising properties has been through pictures. While pictures are great, these are often taken to make the property better than it is. The result is: property seekers being and feeling misled making the experience difficult and quite painful for many.

Truhoo enables you to find the right home in the right place for you through our innovative search process but importantly, provide property transparency through virtual tours before you have to commit your time to view the property in person.

Our virtual tours offer a realistic look into the property that include 2D floor plans, accurate measurements and live calls. Our live calls feature allows you direct calls with your realtor inside the virtual tour to learn more about the property without ever having to physically be there. Or even perhaps, call your partner from home while they are at the office to do a quick virtual viewing together through your phone or computer.

Virtual Tours

Security, Scam Protection and Transparency

To ensure the safety and comfort of our property seekers, we only work with accredited professionals. In other words, people who dedicate their life to understanding and educating others on all things real estate to ensure you make the best decision possible.

Whilst we do everything possible to ensure the content on our platform is up to standard, we also make it as easy as possible to let users inform us if there is something wrong so we can fix it. We hold Truhoo to the same standards we expect from others. That’s why we make it crystal clear to you how we use and share data to personalize the service to your needs - all while staying 100% compliant with GDPR rules and regulations. Your privacy matters.

Security and Scam Protection